April 2018: Students take top honors in MMG Symposium poster competition

The Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Symposium was held on Friday, April 20, 2018 in the Student Union. About 30 students in the department presented posters at the symposium and were judged by faculty and graduate students. At the poster awards, our students Sarah Winburn and Chris Hamm took top honors for their poster on B. subtilis stress responses and survival, and Julia Terrell took second prize for her poster on PtsN function in P. aeruginosa. It should be noted that these students were first-time presenters---making it look easy, guys!

April 2018 UPDATE: FOUR Cabeen Lab students win Wentz Research Grants

We are proud to announce that Sam Shafer, Sid Bush, Julia Terrell, and Jake Osborne are all recipients of competitive 2018-2019 Wentz Research Grants from OSU. Congratulations to Sam, Sid, Julia, and Jake, and we're looking forward to great research during their Wentz tenure!

January 2018: Four new students join the Cabeen lab

We are happy to announce that Chris Hamm, Sam Shafer, Kate Smith, and Sarah Winburn have joined the Cabeen lab for the Spring 2018 semester, joining our existing group of outstanding student researchers. Welcome aboard!

Lab Spring2018 small

January 2018: Video protocol in press at JoVE

We have produced a video in collaboration with Rich Losick of Harvard University to illustrate the microfluidic platform upon which much of our B. subtilis research is based. The Journal of Visualized Experiments was created to provide peer-reviewed protocols in concert with professionally produced videos that illustrate complex scientific methods across a number of disciplines.

August 2017: New research published in PLoS Genetics!

We are pleased to announce new research that was recently published by Dr. Cabeen in the open-access journal PLoS Genetics. This publication forms the basis for future work using microfluidic technology to observe the stress responses of Bacillus subtilis cells when subjected to different stress conditions.

Read the paper here.

News article at the Harvard Molecular & Cellular Biology departmental website.

August 2017: New research published in The EMBO Journal

New research using microfluidic technology to study sporulation. Mainly the project of Dr. Jonathan Russell during his PhD work at Harvard with collaboration by Dr. Cabeen. Read the paper here.